Bathroom Vanaties and Pedestal Sinks

Bathroom Vanaties and Pedestal Sinks

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Bathroom Vanaties and Pedestal Sinks

Bathroom vanaties are the centerpieces of any modern bathroom. They provide a sink and counter top, as well as storage space. A typical vanity contains a sink, faucet and mirrors. Some vanaties even come with built-in soap dispensers and a robe hook. There are also vanities that look like art pieces in the room. These accessories will complete the look of the bathroom, and they’re an essential part of the bathroom’s decor.

The main difference between bathroom vanaties and pedestal sinks is the style. A traditional pedestal sink is fine for a small bathroom that receives little traffic. Modern vanaties have a variety of customization options. Some include a sit-down area where you can apply makeup or use the mirror to put on makeup. You can choose a vanity that is tall and slender, or a single vanity with a rollout drawer. You can also add a separate hamper for your toiletries and a charging station for your cell phone. Adding a freestanding cabinet will provide much needed storage space and add value to your home.

Pedestal sinks are another popular option. They are perfect for small bathrooms with low traffic and minimal storage space. Vanity sinks come in a variety of sizes and styles, and they often include a sitting area. Some are tall cabinets with roll-out drawers for extra storage. Some are even equipped with a built-in hamper for your toiletries. Other vanaties can include a built-in hamper, a smartphone charging station, and a step stool.

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