Types of Bathroom Vanaties

Types of Bathroom Vanaties

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Types of Bathroom Vanaties

There are several types of bathroom vanaties, each with its own design and function. A freestanding bathroom vanity can be an excellent choice for a small bathroom, while a built-in vanity is best for larger bathrooms. These tend to have more storage and countertop space. Sinks come in different styles, including undermount and drop-in, and you may also want to consider a vanity made from an old dresser. When choosing a sink, keep in mind the finish and materials of the faucet and shower.

If you are limited by space, you can opt for a vanity with a shorter countertop. Designer Darla DeMorrow’s vanity is only 15 inches wide, but it still offers plenty of storage. Depending on the decorator, you can choose a countertop that extends from wall to wall. To avoid a cluttered look, you may want a vanity that is only 15 inches wide. Regardless of the size of the room, a vanity should fit comfortably.

Particle board is another option that you should consider. This composite material consists of wood and glue that is compressed to create sheets. You can find different density and particle sizes in particle board. While particle board is less expensive than other vanity materials, it is also more durable and waterproof. Therefore, it is a good option for bathrooms with low traffic. If you want a vanity that lasts for many years, you may want to consider using a piece made of rubberwood.

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