Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

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Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

Vanities are important parts of your bathroom, and choosing the right one can be tricky. Generally, bathroom vanaties are a combination of a sink, countertop, and mirror. Some modern vanities come with built-in shelves and lights. This piece of furniture is an important addition to any bathroom, and it can elevate the entire room. You can also install a freestanding cabinet to create more storage. This simple addition will add value to your home and will make your bathroom look more spacious.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose from freestanding vanaties, which are convenient for smaller bathrooms, or built-in vanaties, which are better suited for larger bathrooms and provide more countertop space. You can choose between undermount and drop-in sinks, which are mounted under the countertop. Undermount sinks feature a flat base underneath, while drop-in sinks have a flat surface with no edges. A vessel sink sits directly on the counter. Likewise, wall-mounted sinks make small bathrooms appear more spacious.

Bathroom vanaties are designed to hide plumbing. In bathrooms with little traffic, pedestal sinks are fine. However, they are not the best choice for a high-traffic area. For these areas, consider a pedestal sink or vanity. There are many options to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity. A pedestal sink is fine for a low-traffic area, while a wall-to-wall configuration is ideal for a busy bathroom.

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