Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

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Bathroom Vanaties

Vanities are bathroom cabinets that incorporate a sink, a countertop, a faucet, and other storage space. Many are also equipped with built-in soap dispensers. Most bathroom vanaties are made of solid wood, but you can also find more modern versions made of recycled materials. The best option for your bathroom is based on its size and design. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider a smaller vanity, which can be used in a powder room.

Pedestal sinks are considered vanities. These vanities have a pedestal for the sink and are suitable for small bathrooms. Wall-mounted sinks have similar limitations. Be sure to choose a bathroom vanity made of wood that has a protective layer to prevent warping and rotting in humid areas. Another less expensive option is MDF, which is covered in a water-resistant laminate. This material can be easily cleaned.

Pedestal sinks are great for bathrooms with minimal traffic, but they are not suitable for high-traffic areas. Pedestal sinks are available in many sizes and shapes, and some feature a sit-down area for applying makeup. Other types of vanities come with built-in shelves and a built-in hamper. Others have cubbies to hold rolled towels and a pull-out step stool.

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